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Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Glacier" quilt kit.

This is a photo of the quilt kit that I recently bought while on my trip in Alaska. I have all the cutting done and ready to go but first I have to finish a few customer quilts. Check back to see how it turns out...
Have a great day.



Hi Lyn,
Have you sewn the Glacier quilt yet? I'm hoping you can help with a problem I've having. In sewing he column together, the instructions say to sew following the drawn curve lines. The topstitch is to be sewn on the first fold, but the illustrations show the topstitch follows the curved lines. I'm confused.

Unknown said...

You fold for the point. Mark the curve on the folded edge. Attach that strip to the strip above it by sewing the curve line. Fold the curve back and topstitch it down. Works great. The quilt is beautiful.