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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interactive Bed Quilt Sizing Calculator

Good Morning!!
My hubby has been busy working on our website, we are offering a lot of different things but this is his latest and I think one of his greatest.  For those of us that do commissioned quilts - this is a "have-to-have".  Check it out, play with it and if you can let us know what you think...
Thanks for taking a peek...

What size quilt is required for a particular bed?   SIMPLE QUESTION, NOT A SIMPLE ANSWER.
Making a custom quilt starts with size. Size also has the greatest impact on quilt cost.
Who would have thunk? Sizing a quilt requires 7 specific dimensional values with 12 possible combinations.  That's 84 chances to make a mistake and mis-size the quilt.

• We have developed an automatic program that calculates the finished quilt length and width.

•The Calculator is live and interactive. Just put in the numbers and it will tell you the finished size needed.

•There are also reference charts for standard bed sizes and pillow sizes to assist.

•Additional drawing references to show what each of the dimensions refer to as applied to a bed as we've used the terms are included..

Link to my website     Select "Bed Quilt Sizing" on the navigation pane.

Here is a picture of the free calculator you have access to at Just enter the specific bed information and select the design parameters (true or false). Out pops the final quilt size. Our gift to start off the new year. It works well for us and we hope you find it as useful.

There are numerous variables to properly sizing a bed quilt.

Starting with 3 basic dimensions: 1) mattress length, 2) mattress width and 3) mattress height. We've included useful charts for standard mattress width and length dimensions but height is just something that has to be measured. Mattress height "generally" defines quilt "overhang". As such the minimal amount of overhang added for width to the quilt becomes 2 times the mattress height added to the mattress width. 4) Additional Overhang. Do we want additional overhang to overlap a bedskirt? Do we want it to hang all the way to the floor? The amount of overhang has to be absolutely established by the customer and measurements physically made to be sure. 5) Footboard. Quilt length is adjusted if the bed does not have a footboard. Without a footboard, the same "overhang" variables apply to the length (but the overhang is not doubled when calculating quilt length). 6) Pillow tuck. Is the quilt going to cover the pillows? Pillow tuck (the amount under the pillow) and the length added due to the height of the pillow — now get involved in the calculation. 7) Shrinkage. Should probably be more specific that this is laundry shrinkage as there is size shrinkage also involved in the quilting process. If the quilt is only going to be dry-cleaned, than laundry shrinkage is not a factor. If it is going to be laundered than shrinkage is an important sizing variable.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Good morning!!
Been awhile since I last posted but I wanted to share Nancy's king size that I recently finished.  She loved it.  I really had fun working on this one.  She lets me do what I want to do and is always surprised.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shiloh, front and back...

Good morning!!  My darling hubby got some pictures of Shiloh yesterday, and as I promised there is an awesome picture of the back.  I love doing feathers and think they are turning out pretty good.  Thanks for taking a peek.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shiloh, hot off the Gammill!!

I just finished "Shiloh".  I am so thrilled with the way it turned out.  I will be taking and sharing more pictures after I get the binding on.  It has a solid purple flannel backing that the stitching just stands out on...
Thanks for taking a peek.