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Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Website up and running, need some feedback!

Hello everyone,

Last time you heard from me was when I got "hacked", think I have that fixed and have been waiting to see if all systems were a go!!

What I want to share with everyone is our new website.

We have several things on there for longarm quilters. Bobbin Mates, EZQuilt Display, CLASS (storage systems) and quilts for sale. My Dh has been working hard on learning the lingo for building our site, (have to sing his praises--I couldnt have done it). I think hes done an exceptional job but now is the time I would like some feedback if you could take a few minutes and kind of browse through our site.

Really appreciate any and all comments..

Thanks for taking a peek.

Lyn Durbin

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quilts for Sale until Dec 31, 2011

Good morning!!
Most of you that read my blog are quilters and make your own quilts, but for those of you that dont enjoy the making of quilts I am having a sale of 25% off on all my quilts on the website.  I have a large variety and many sizes, from baby to queen/king...  Check them out at

Here a just a couple that are on sale--

Please pass on to anyone that you know that may be interested in buying a quilt while they are on sale..  They would make great Christmas gifts, and you can always tell you hubby that they would improve "cuddle time"...
Thanks for taking a peek.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carroll's quilt

Hidey Ho!!  Just finished this cute quilt this afternoon, lots of custom quilting but it was super fun to do!!  Thanks for taking a peek..