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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BobbinMate Help

Good morning all,
Hubby is in process of manufacturing a Thread Storage System for primarily quilters of which a base component is "BobbinMate". It allows bobbin with cone/spool storage and additionally holds the thread end. It fits snugly into the cone/spool and is precision cut to the end of the bobbin (fits all bobbins) so they stay together. Keeping the unused portion of thread on the bobbin with mated spool, especially for those threads more commonly used, gives a more efficient and economical option than either looking for a bobbin or removing unused portion of bobbin thread. "BobbinMate" pictures are with an A&E cone (permacore tex 30 6000 yard).

Need empty spools/cones from all manufacturers that we can use to design the BobbinMate and storage systems. Also any input/advise/insight would be welcomed....

Thanks for taking a peek!!


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I was reading about the bobbin mates. Do they fit the Signature cones?