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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bobbin Mates!!! Gotta have some!!

Good morning!!!
These are our "Bobbin Mates"... They are so cool. They keep all my bobbins with the coordinating cones. I hate having to dig for bobbins and never knowing if I have the right shade--lol--do you know how many different shades there are in each color...Mind boggling!! Anyway, check these out on our website--
Hope everyone is having a great summer, so far our weather isnt really summer weather-but its coming (positive thinking here).
Thanks for taking a peek..


Angie said...

Lyn---I'm curious about the Bobbin Mates, but wonder how you use them for cones of long arm threads. I wind at least 3 bobbins of thread, or 6 before I start on a quilt. Winding one bobbin and attaching it to the top of the cone of thread would not work for me. Or, are you showing sewing thread. Not machine quilting thread.

Lyn said...

When you are all done with a quilt and you have 1 or 2 bobbins left with the color of thread that you have been quilting with, this is when they are used, I hate having to dig for the matching bobbin that goes with a cone. It keeps the bobbin with the thread when you are storing it, also great for when you are changing a couple of times on a quilt. Clear as mud-huh.. There is a video on our website-- that shows how they are used and how helpful they are when storing our thread and bobbins...
We have all different sizes for each manufacture of thread.
Thanks for looking,

Jenny said...

That's awesome!! You came up with an idea and did it! I admire anyone that can do that! I'm going to check them out on you website.